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California campus connect logoChange the university, change the world.

The saying reflects the historical reality that many social movements have been born on college campuses, and the biographical reality that many leaders of social change were first inspired as college students. 

California Campus Compact is a consortium of 58 universities and colleges in the state that seeks to advance “service-based learning.”  It is a growing movement that aims to develop in students a commitment to social benefit by integrating community service with educational programs.  Campus Compact acts as a key catalyst and resource for the movement.

Campus Compact can influence many colleges, which in turn can influence many programs, which in turn can influence many students, which in turn can benefit many recipients of service.  This position makes our client a highly leveraged opportunity for social impact.

It also makes our client a particularly challenging exercise in marketing. 

Campus Compact is a classic example of an important organization that doesn’t directly provide services to those in need but is actually several layers removed.  There is no heartwarming story of a homeless person fed directly by Campus Compact or a picture of an endangered animal saved by its staff.  With this type of organization, it can be challenging to communicate the compelling nature of the cause, especially to potential donors.

Executive Director Elaine Ikeda turned to CWR to help her organization meet this challenge.  Our extensive project will draw on our insight into how to create brands, message platforms, elevator pitches, market research, and other best practices from the corporate world.  Moreover, the CWR team possesses the ability to implement our insight across a host of mediums, ranging from web site redesign, newsletter composition, executive coaching in presentations, and beyond.  

We’re big believers in strategic causes like California Campus Compact.  And we’re skilled at turning that strategic nature into a compelling message.

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