Fundraising consulting for Bay Area's largest children's agency

Kidango is a statewide leader in childhood development. It is a $30M organization with 47 sites in the Bay Area. Its executive director has testified before California's state legislature to help pass a landmark preschool access law

There is one area where the agency has lagged behind: individual fund raising. Kidango derives the vast majority of revenue from government contracts. As the agency seeks to extend its leadership in the field, it needs the kind of unrestricted revenue that best comes from  private donation. But by just about every measure of organizational capacity, it is starting from scratch. 
Kidango has turned to CWR to build its fundraising infrastructure. We are jump starting their efforts with a multi-faceted project that includes:
  1. Internal policies and procedures for processing a typical donation
  2. New donor identification and acquisition strategy
  3. Existing donor retention and cultivation strategy
  4. Overall planning for organizational growth in individual fundraising
  5. Modification of Salesforce database for individual fundraising
  6. Modification of Salesforce database for grants/contract management
  7. Executive coaching
Our integration of fundraising best practices with Salesforce expertise was a key consideration in Kidango's selection of CWR. As they grow, we stand ready to support them every step of the way.

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