CWR partners with city of San Francisco to build fundraising capacity

San Francisco city government has long served as an example of progressive thinking in social services. The latest example: investing in building the fundraising capacity of a key nonprofit partner.  CWR is pround to announce that it has just been selected to implement this pilot project.

Public funding for nonprofits tends to applied very strictly for delivery of services. For agencies that have grown by depending on this type of funding, this can mean rapid growth in its  programming, but also stagnation in unrestricted revenue. This stagnation stifles organizational health in the long term, as it does not allow for funding staff development, innovation, capacity building, and especially revenue diversification via private fundraising.

Dolores Street Community Services is a leading provider of housing, employment, and immigration services in the Mission district of San Francisico. Over the last ten years, the agency has both grown and stagnated precisely along these lines. In a noteworthy example of smart city leadership, the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development has decided to invest in the nonprofit's long term future by funding a comprehensive project that will build its fundraising infrastructure.

Consulting Within Reach has been selected to implement this project. We are excited to participate in this innovative public-private partnerhsip.

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