How much will this cost?

Is CWR right for us?

What type of organization is CWR?

What is the process like?

What are your rates like?

Our rates depend on a variety of factors. The time and type of skill required for the project obviously are the most determinative variables. A key benchmark for us is the prevailing market rate for equivalent services. Our mission is to provide significant discounts to market. Before we submit our proposals to our clients, we routinely get feedback from other professional consultants in the marketplace to make sure we are achieving that mission.

As a result, most of our clients have afforded our services straight out of their existing budgets. Some have used our estimates to support appeals to donors and foundations to fund more extensive work. Find out more by contacting us to begin the free exploration process.

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Do you ever provide your services pro bono as volunteers?

Almost never. While we provide our services at discount to market, we firmly believe that a professional for fee relationship provides the best results for everyone. Studies show that human beings consistently produce better results and experience greater satisfaction when they are getting paid, even if the amounts are relatively small. And we believe clients feel more empowered in demanding exactly what they want when dealing with paid professionals versus when handling volunteers.

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What is your geographical reach?

We focus on serving Northern and Southern California with our offices in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. However, we have taken on special projects in other parts of the country and even some with an international scope.

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What kinds of organizations and projects do you take on?

We are drawn to organizations that are doing good in the world. This definition could include nonprofits, local public agencies, or for profit businesses with a social mission. The causes involved can be quite varied.

In terms of the types of projects we choose to take on, there are also no hard and fast rules we employ. Depending on a host of factors like availability, attraction to a given cause, and occasionally just whimsy, we end up taking on projects both large and small. Of course, we do have our preferences. Our team members enjoy challenging tasks that call on their best efforts and skills. And we are most motivated to engage project types that build our clients’ organizational capacity for the long run.

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We’ve never used professional consultants before. How do I know you'll be a good fit for us?

The best way to find out is to contact us. Having said that, the organizations that seem to most benefit from our work have some common attributes: strong executive leadership, ability to change, and funding stability.

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Does our organization qualify as an “organization doing good?”

We have a broad and flexible definition. Most nonprofits, schools, and religious organizations qualify. We also are drawn to serving fellow for-profits who share our “double bottom line” approach that includes social benefit.

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Are you a referral service?

No, we are a consulting firm that does the work ourselves. All the CWR professionals listed in Team work for the firm, reporting directly to CWR leadership.

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Are you a nonprofit organization?

No, we are a for profit business. Our status enables us to serve the broadest range of organizations (including for profit businesses with some sort of social mission) with the fewest restrictions on our growth. We also want to model a creative partnership between the nonprofit and for profit worlds. Finally, we seek to avoid “competing” for precious nonprofit donations. Those should go to you.

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Are you taking applications from professionals interested in joining the CWR Team?

No, we currently do not have any openings. As we continue to expand in the future, we will post opportunities on our site.

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How do I get started?

The best way is to send us an email describing your organization, your cause, your situation that requires help, and any questions you have. Our staff will promptly get in touch with you to begin the exploration process.

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What can I expect the initial process to be like? Will it cost anything?

Usually, an initial phone conversation with a CWR consultant will determine whether it makes sense to begin the process. If so, we generally set up a face-to-face meeting (assuming you’re located nearby) so that we can learn more about your organization and needs, as well as for you to ask us any questions. We may have follow-up conversations and exchanges of information. Often, a potential client has to confer with other stakeholders. Eventually, if we feel like we’re suited for the task and you wish to proceed, we scope out the project and sign off on a work agreement. No payment is required until that point.

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Who will actually handle my project?

A CWR Lead Consultant (in most cases, Curtis Chang) will be assigned to your project. The Lead will be responsible for every aspect of the project and will be your point person for any communication. Other team members will often be assigned to various aspects of the project but they will report directly to the Lead. A good analogy for working with CWR on a project is dealing with a general contractor on a house remodel. The customer only has to deal with one person, the general contractor, who in turn is responsible for the team of subcontractors that carry out different aspects of the remodel.

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