CWR partners with Craigslist Foundation on key event

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The Craigslist Foundation Nonprofit Boot Camp is the Bay Area's largest event for the nonprofit sector, drawing over 2,000 attendees each year.  Historically, one of the most popular aspects of the event has been the Nonprofit Consulting program.  This program  provides a number of attendees with one on one free sessions with experts during the conference itself.

For the 2008 Boot Camp held in San Mateo on October 18th, Consulting Within Reach will sponosr and oversee this program. We will organize over 50 fellow consultants from the nonprofit consulting industry, helping to build our collegial relationships with each other.  And we will be contributing our own innovative spirit to improve even further this traditionally popular program.

In the past, the matches between consultant and attendee occurred on a first come, first serve basis, with attendees racing towards the sign up table as soon as the conference opened. We are seeking to better optimize the matches by creating a web tool that will take in key information about attendees' needs and their ability to benefit from coaching.  That data will be then matched with data collected from the consultants, and all parties will be then notified about their specific pairings. We believe this will lead to more fruitful consulting sessions all the way around.

In another of our improvements, we are organizing an extra number of post conference phone consultations.  In every past Boot Camp, the available sessions during the conference have filled up within minutes, leaving hundreds wanting.  This year, CWR is recruiting even more consultants to serve more attendees.  And most importantly, we will recruit the consultants to offer even more free sessions over the phone, again matching them via our web tool to optimize the process.

This partnership with the Craigslist Foundation is another example of our commitment to serve the nonprofit sector in the Bay Area.  We know we're all in this to make a difference... and we want to play our part.


Applicants must register for the Boot Camp first.  From the registration site, a link to the application form for the Pro Bono Consulting program will be available or can be found here also.

Due to the high demand, please note that a slot in the program cannot be guaranteed. 

Relatedly, we unfortunately cannot field individual inquiries about the program or the Boot Camp overall. 

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