CWR guides national expansion strategy

change agents kids

Girls For A Change (GFC) equips thousands of young girls to act as agents of social change, in the process building the girls' own sense of personal empowerment. Several prestigious foundations that promote social innovation (such as the Draper Richards Foundation) have recognized this unique and groundbreaking approach and the magazine Fast Company named it as a finalist for its "Social Capitalist Award."  These institutions have encouraged GFC to consider expanding its impact to a national scope.

The potential is clearly there: GFC has already opened up a second site outside of the Bay Area, recently finished a national tour to spread its model, and secured a corporate sponsorship with Sephora, an international woman's beauty product company.

Fully realizing this enormous potential, however, will require planning: both in its strategy for growth and in defining the organization's national marketing profile.

Girls For A Change has turned to CWR to provide these critical growth ingredients. As social entrepreneurs ourselves, CWR shares our new client's passion for innovative efforts.  And as a "one stop shop," we can offer the kind of integration of strategic planning and marketing that growing nonprofits like GFC often need.

As an indicator of our enthusiasm for this kind of project and GFC's youth oriented cause, we have awarded our client a CWR Compelling Organization Award to help fund part of this project.  We are eager and grateful for the opportunity to empower a great organization become truly national in scope.

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