Outsourcing the individual donor campaign

The capacity to reach individual donors will determine whether most nonprofits can expand in the years to come.  With foundations having lost on average 30% of their assets, corporations in recession, and state budgets slashed, the individual donor is the only potential source of growth.

Toni Heineman recognizes this fact.  She is the award winning executive director of A Home Within, a rapidly expanding nonprofit which recruits therapists to serve foster youth.  This year, she will open 10 new sites across the country.  To fund this expansion, she needs to expand her individual donor base. And to do that, she needs organizational capacity.

Toni could invest her precious time, attention, and resources in building that capacity in house.   But she'd prefer to focus on expanding her core mission.

A Home Within is joining a growing number of nonprofits who are turning to Consulting Within Reach for an innovative solution: outsourcing a strategic fundraising campaign targeted at individuals. 

CWR will design and execute a campaign around National Foster Care Month and the national expansion of A Home Within.  The message, communications strategy, definition of the board's role, graphic design of ads, and email campaign will all be delivered in completed form. 

For several key months, A Home Within will have its own individual donor department – but without the overhead of finding, hiring, providing benefits for, and managing its own staff.  The efficiencies of outsourced solutions – key to the growth of many dynamic businesses – will have been brought within this nonprofit’s reach.  Read about another recent client who has also chosen to build her fund raising capacity with CWR in this way.

If you’re interested in expanding your donor base with our high performing yet affordable team, contact us.

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