Young nonprofit turns to CWR to help define its brand

Jeremiah's promise logoJeremiah's Promise is a young agency that equips youth graduating from the foster care system.  In its first few years, it has demonstrated impressive results in helping a profile that normally faces dire odds without assistance.  With confidence in its method, Jeremiah's Promise now looks to expand its reach.

To do so, it will have to expand awareness of its services, both to clients and also to donors.  CWR will guide Jeremiah's Promise through the critical process of defining its brand: the core messages and emotional associations it will consistently share with its audiences.  Along with brand definition, CWR will also develop a high level marketing strategy to guide Jeremiah's Promise in the years to come.

The members of our team tasked with this project have led many clients in Silicon Valley through this all important process.  They are experts on the time tested principles that apply across all types of organizations.  And they are especially motivated to bring those practices to bear on this critical cause.

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