Connecting students to nature via the web

The Foundation for Youth Investment aims to connect students to nature based education.  It knows that this mission will only succeed to the extent that teachers will organize outdoor field trips.

The problem?  Many teachers are simply too busy to research the hundreds of potential programs out there.  It is simply too time consuming to Google each program to find the one with the right location, the matching curriculum, affordable price, and other key factors.

The Foundation turned to CWR to devise a solution.  Drawing on expertise that won us a White House award for social innovation, we built a custom internal website called Outdoor Youth Providers that enabled teachers to quickly locate just the right program in a couple of minutes. 

The website was initially intended for use in Northern California.  But its popularity spread throughout the state and is now being used across the country.  

Our distinctive specialty is harnessing cutting edge technology to our broader expertise in the nonprofit world. The result is the kind of outsized impact enjoyed by Foundation for Youth Investment.

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